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HSS Cutters

FEIN HSS Dura core bits are used where working conditions are permanently adverse or where coolant cannot be used. They are made from high-quality high-speed steel with a cobalt content of 5 %. The surface is covered by a first-class titanium aluminium nitrate coating. It ensures the best glide properties, increased heat resistance and outstanding service lives in steel, stainless steel and cast iron. HSS core bits are available from 12mm to 80mm dia.


  • High concentricity within 100 μm delivers consistently smooth cuts and reduced chatter.
  • Impacts are absorbed by tough tips and body, complimented by a tooth hardness of 65 HRC. 
  • In-house vacuum heat treated for optimum balance of performance and extended life.
  • Narrow cutting width of 5.1 mm for low torque and reduced energy consumption.
  • HSS cutters have wide flutes to evacuate chips easily while less contact between the cutter and hole surface facilitates lower torque and power consumption.
  • 2-tip geometry: alternating tooth profiles assign a region for each tooth to remove, resulting in smooth & rapid cuts.
  • FEIN HSS cutters are available in QuickIN and Weldon shanks. 

Why do customers buy the FEIN HSS:
Excellent service life:
  • High quality HSS steel reduces cutter wear.
  • Insensitive to impact & shock for tough construction-site work.
  • Abrasion resistant TiN coating to reduce feed forces and wear for a long service life even under adverse conditions.

Good work progress:
  • Ideal cutting speed for good work progress.
  • Aggressive 2-tip cutting geometry for smooth & consistent material removal.
  • High number of cutting tips for high material removal rate.

Economical cutting:
  • Material with ideal price / performance.
  • Single material forms tips & body making multiple re-sharpening possible.
  • Optimal tooth hardness for best results in steel.

TCT Cutters


  • TCT cutters are available from 12mm to 80mm dia.
  • High concentricity (150 μm) and rigidity when drilling through solid construction.
  • High work progress and short drilling with significantly less effort thanks to high-quality Sandvik cutting teeth.
  • High-temperature-resistant brazing, guarantees a secure hold of the carbide tip even at sustained high temperatures.
  • 3-tip geometry for quiet running and easy machining with less wear and tooth fracture.
  • Narrow cutting width of maximum 4 mm.
  • Carbide cutters has special conical groove shape to avoid congestion and increase the chip removal capacity.
  • FEIN TCT cutters are available in all standard shanks.

Why do customers buy the FEIN TCT:
Highest service life:
  • Hard carbide tipping significantly reduces tip from wearing out.
  • 3-tip geometry reduces feed force.
  • High cutting concentricity reduces chattering or vibrating.

Highest working progress:
  • High surface speed and feed rate offers highest material removal for maximum cost reduction.
  • Conical groove shape for perfect river span.
  • Small cutting width reduces cutting and feed forces thereby completing task faster.

Widest range of workpiece metals:
  • High hardness of cutting tip lets you to cut high-tensile steels.
  • Ideal cutting angle for Good material removal in all metals.
  • High-temperature-resistant brazing for continuous working.
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